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Janna Audey: Yoga

Janna Audey, ERYT-200

As we say in the Yoga world, Namaste!

In 2007 I completed the necessary training to become a Yoga instructor. My first client was Inova Healthcare, as part of my community service hours. I taught for their Life With Cancer Program. And then I landed my first health club class, which allowed me to teach while working. Within a few short months it was clear that I had found a calling of sorts, and by the end of February 2008, I submitted my resignation from the 9-5 world with a vision: to have two shared lines of work, teaching Yoga and singing professionally. Well, the singing part, I already had going...for 20 years or so.

In March 2008 I was diagnosed with Cancer. Literally, two weeks after I resigned I noticed something strange happening while deep breathing on my left side. I know-- crazy, huh? Yeah, when you put out "there" that you want to work from the heart, and then get an almost 9cm tumor wrapped around your heart, you kinda have to listen. Growing up with a Dad who taught me to question everything, and seek for the answers within (he was a really great father and outstanding Psychologist), that's exactly what I did. And so, while I was focused on healing from Cancer, I was equally focused on moving my vision into reality. 

And I did. By 2010 I was already an ERYT, meaning an experienced Yoga teacher, with over 1,000 teaching hours. I was also building my new fan base, working alongside Rob as a duo, growing my solo repertoire, and rocking out with the band. Yeah, to say that these things were integral to my healing is an understatement. To rephrase, what chemotherapy was to my body, Yoga and Music were, and still are, to, and for, my heart, mind and soul. Yes, indeed!

I am on Year 11 of this Vision...growing it, deepening it, a leaning toward the opportunities that allow me to be as Authentic as possible with the Voice that I have and the energy, love, peace that I am here to share. Yes, I have achieved the goals set in 2008, and as I enter 2019, I find that the next layer of goals are expanding, and narrowing, all at the same time. The past ten years taught me that working from the heart requires constant Presence, Attention, Dedication, Discipline and Flow. It hasn't been easy, whatsoever, and yet, I wouldn't trade this work for anything. I love teaching Mindfulness through Yoga, and I love singing the songs that come from my heart to yours...

OneLife/Sport & Health members, you know how to find me, and I'll see you on the mat, very soon.

I look forward to continuing to share my Voice with each of you through Music and Yoga. Here's to the next chapter!